Joining More Than One Online Dating Website

Does joining more than one online dating service increase your chances of finding the perfect mate? Well the answer to this question is probably yes, but you have to ask yourself, can you afford to join more than one site, and have you got the time to manage the extra correspondence that may be generated from more than one membership. These are questions that only you can answer, but if you do have the time and the money, maybe joining more than one dating website is for you.

Increase your chances

One strategy that maybe good to use instead of joining two sites simultaneously, would be to join one of the less expensive dating services, and use this membership as a kind of experiment into the world of online dating. This way you can get real life experience of writing a profile, uploading a photo and communicating online, without anything to lose. If you are honest with people and join the site specifically stating that you are just looking for friendship, you would be able to use this experience as a fun testing ground, training you for the time when you decide to take things more seriously. If you have never dated online before, this could be the perfect way to ease yourself into this new way of dating. Once you have finished experimenting, take with you the lessons that you have learnt and join another service armed with the extra confidence that you have done some of this before. But be prepared, you may find ‘the one’ that you have been looking for during this experiment!

Some people may want to join more than one dating website at the same time and use a slightly different strategy on each site. You could decide to play to different strengths in your character to help you find out what is more appealing to people – don’t invent anything that isn’t there as this would be dishonest and counterproductive in the long run, but for example on one profile you could emphasise what you are looking for in one aspect of your life, and in your other profile you could emphasise another. This could be as simple as developing your serious side in one description and your fun side in another, it really is up to you. If you find out that an aspect of your profile description seems to be really appealing to some people, and you have missed out that point in your profile on the other dating site, include it there also and see what happens. One of the great things about online dating is that there really are no rights or wrongs, and all you have to be for success is yourself.

Most people only join one dating service, and this is probably the most affordable option in the long run. But always remember to make the most of your membership of any site, don’t limit your options too soon. There is nothing to stop you from communicating with more than one person at a time online – just remember as with all things in life be honest about your intentions. If you do decide to join more than one site, maybe some of these tips will be of help to you.

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