Quick Start Guide to Online Dating After 40

Learn How to Avoid Mistakes when Writing Your Profile


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Online Dating Safe?

Online dating is no more safe or less safe than real world dating. As in the real world always keep your wits about you, and always trust your gut feelings. When dating online always use a nickname and not your real name, and be cautious about when to reveal more about yourself. If you meet up with a date always do it in a public place, and always tell someone where you're going and when you will be back. Always follow the safety guidance published on the dating website you are using.

Why Use an Online Dating Service?

The main reason to try an online dating service, is that you will almost certainly have the opportunity to meet more people there than you would at the office, or through your friends. Online dating gives you a great opportunity to find out about someone before approaching them by reading their profile. In real life you have to approach first, before you discover if someone shares the same interests as you. This is a huge advantage over traditional dating.

Do I Need an e-mail Address to Date Online?

Yes you do. It is advisable to sign up for a new free e-mail account for all of your online dating. You can get a free e-mail account from MSN, Yahoo, Google or many other providers. Remember to use a nick name instead of your real name in the e-mail address.

Am I too old for online dating?

Certainly not! Some people have the impression that online dating is for people in their early 20s, this may have been true 10 years ago, but this is no longer the case. Lots of online dating sites have a large membership over 40, the best of these sites are reviewed here.

Is online dating expensive?

Compared to going on endless dinner dates, online dating is relatively cheap. Online dating sites with a substantial over 40 membership offer subscription rates of between £15 per month and £35 per month. It could work out more affordable in the long run if you opt for a three-month package. Remember to take advantage of joining more than one site on a free membership basis, this way you can take your time to look around and see the quality of membership before parting with any of your money.